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It Costs How Much?!

Our Rental Story

It all began when the two heroes of our story, Marvin and Ken, who wanted to rent a SeaDoo SeaScooter. After some research, we realized that our only option was to purchase a SeaDoo SeaScooter out at a certain scuba shop at an absolutely outrageous price of $699.99.

We both thought about how cool it would be to take a Sea Doo SeaScooter to La Jolla and explore the reserve. Unfortunately, after some research, we realized such an option was not available. We were disappointed to say the least.

It Costs How Much?!

We were quite surprised with the relatively high retail price of a SeaScooter. As young sports enthusiasts living in San Diego, we concluded that it didn't make any sense to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a Sea Doo SeaScooter. This is especially true when you consider we would really only being using them once or at most, a couple of times during the season!

This is how California Undersea Scooter Adventure was born. With a very clear vision that one shouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars to have the ultimate snorkeling experience at La Jolla cove and other amazing snorkeling sites in Southern California. That taking in the breath-taking underwater views of kelp, sea-life, kelp and caves that we have in San Diego accessible to all simply by taking a guided Sea Scooter tour without having to worry about maintenance and storage of expensive equipment.

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